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We have over 80 destinations where you can gain international experience.

Seven reasons to study abroad

Studying abroad is one of the most enriching experiences any student can have. Meanwhile, in an increasingly global world, international experience on your CV is no longer a distinctive element but a basic commodity. At CUNEF, one of our priorities is to expand the spectrum of both academic and professional opportunities available to our students beyond national borders.

We give you the chance to complete your education at renowned international universities. We help you to broaden your horizons through exchanges and mobility programmes, and to acquire more than a mastery of other languages. International students boast distinctive skills developed through their time abroad which are highly valued by companies on a CV:

  • Learn another language fluently: studying abroad will mean communicating daily in other languages, which will improve your pronunciation and give you greater fluency.
  • Network of international contacts: from new friendships to the creation of a professional contact network at the international level.
  • Initiative: the autonomy and independence gained by stepping outside your regular confines will mean you develop the ability to reach clear and concise decisions, while taking on the responsibility that goes with them.
  • Proactive approach: disrupting your routine will help you change your attitude to daily life and adopt an active attitude.
  • Social skills: international experience will allow you to discover other cities and cultures so you can learn from them.
  • Global vision: international experience will allow you to discover other cities and cultures so you can learn from them. Celebrating Chinese New Year, or Thanksgiving in the USA, are unforgettable experiences that will broaden your horizons.
  • Change management: leaving your comfort zone and changing your routine will prompt you to acquire new personal skills.

The International Relations Department will provide you with advice and assistance in choosing the best option for your professional development.


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